You Heard It Here First: POPs are a must for college campuses

In today’s rapidly changing educational landscape, colleges and universities are always searching for new and creative ways to improve the student experience. One area that is particularly open to innovation is the traditional campus store. The idea that students must physically visit the store to meet their educational and lifestyle needs is becoming outdated. Instead, it’s time to rethink the campus store by bringing it directly to the students, offering a more convenient, efficient, and personalized shopping experience.


Imagine a campus where students can effortlessly shop from strategically placed POPs (Point of Purchase) throughout the campus. This innovative concept not only offers a more convenient and efficient shopping experience but also enhances the student’s sense of belonging to the campus community. By seamlessly integrating shopping into their daily campus life, we are creating an environment that fosters their academic goals and social experiences. This high-touch experience, combined with the ease of transacting the sale on an app, perfectly aligns with the digital habits of today’s students. It cuts space down in the campus store that can be utilized for another institutional initiative or gives events space for the campus store to evolve into the heart of the campus community. Ultimately, this modern approach to campus shopping will create unforgettable student experiences, leaving them yearning for more.

By promoting POPs, campus stores can significantly boost student engagement and sales. This not only enhances the student experience but also has the potential to increase campus revenue overnight. Carefully analyzing purchasing data from POPs allows for better inventory management, stocking high-demand items, and reducing less popular products. This optimization of both the supply chain and profitability can be a game-changer for the campus experience, potentially leading to a significant increase in campus revenue for the institution.

Today’s students have evolving needs and crave an interactive, engaging campus experience. To meet this demand, institutions must go beyond just relying on online platforms and apps. We must create shopping engagements as students live on campus, utilizing POPs. This proactive approach not only demonstrates a deep understanding of students’ desires but also a commitment to enhancing their overall satisfaction and campus experience. By embracing this modern approach to campus life, we are not only supporting students’ social experiences but also fostering a sense of community, which can enhance their academic goals and strengthen their relationship with the institution.

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